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363 Spheal Egg. Skiploom Level up Hoppip to Lv18. Magnet Pull When this Pokemon enters the field, Steel type opponents cannot switch out nor flee the battle unless they are holding Shed Shell or use the attacks U Turn or Baton Pass. Magnemite, Magneton, Magnezone, Nosepass, Probopass Field Effect If this Pokemon is in the lead spot, the rate of encountering a Steel type Pokemon increases by 50%. Poketch App Calendar Careless Ribbon . 8 Mom gives you a TuxedoDress. Sparks Eerie Thing . 101 Night Shade Ghost Special Smart 15 Varies 100% I . When you show the man a Serious Pokemon Downcast Ribbon HM07 Waterfall. X Defend Raises a Pokemon's Defense by 1 Veilstone DeptStore 2FRoute 203 550P. pokemon ecchi. 184 Azumarill Marilli 10 Marill. Professor Hat. TM73 Thunder Wave Electric NA 100% Paralyzes the target. This move activates Motor Drive. (Battle Frontier prize 32BP). Crabhammer Tough Heart +2 if used last in the turn. pokemon red download. What else would the Kitchen Timer do but measure timeit can be set for up to 9959, and when time is up, Snorlax will beat on its belly like a drumUse the Kitchen Timer for cooking or anything else you can imagine. Butterfree Level up Metapod to Lv10. Pokemon

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426 Mud Bomb Ground Special Smart 10 65 85% IV . free game. None ofthese Pokemon appear in the wild in SinnohTo record them in your Pokedex, you either need to discovertheir Eggs or import them through Pal Park. HM 07 Waterfall. Gaiva Dam.png Gaiva Dam The dam was once being constructed near Fuchsia City. The workers abandoned the dam due to wanting to protecting the surrounding habitat. The dam eventually gets destroyed by Team Rocket. Shadow Sneak Ghost Physical 40 100 30 Normal Always strikes first if both sides use this move, the one with the higher Speed goes first. 82 Sleep Talk Eterna Forest after winning at Eterna Gym . Head to Counter in a row,. Get your own resort villa . Each of the four contestants appears before the audience, using their appearance to appeal to the crowdRaise the Pokemon's condition before the Contest, and make sure to wear Accessories that correspond to that round's theme. pokemon white gyms. Good Magikarp Barboach O Whiscash A. Quick Claw Level 2 15CP. Screech Smart Voltage is lowered by one notch for all judges. Pokemon Super Contest Guide. Teala gives you the Pal Pad. TM01 Focus Punch Fighting 150 100% At the beginning of the round, the user tightens its focus. the attack itself usually goes last and will fail if the user is attacked by any other Pokemon during the turn. (Oreburgh Gate). Pokemon Game

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Pokemon make berry good companions. Per sim Berry x2 Macho Brace When your party Pokemon's. 252 Treecko Kimori 20 Egg. TM29 Psychic Psychic 90 100% Has a 10% chance to lower the target's Special Defense by 1 stage. (Mauville Casino 3500 coins. Victory Road). B3F 1. Compete in three rounds. Full Restore Restores all HP and cures all status ailments Indigo Plateau, Safari Zone, Pokemon Mansion, Island Three, Icefall Cave, Island Six, Cerulean Cave . Talk to Wake at the viewing area at the Gate. A digital watch featuring PikachuThe watch is synched to the internal clock in your DS, and displays the time in a 24hour format. Travel west along Route 213 and you'll arrive at Pastoria City, home of the Pastoria Great Marsh, where you can find some rare Pokemon, and the Move Maniac, who can teach your Pokemon moves. Tough Cup. Harden Normal Status 30 Self Raises user's Defense by 1. Once the Ruin Maniac is in the second stage of digging his cave, he picks up a new nickname the Digging ManiacDigging that far singlehandedly is quite an accomplishment. B1F. Route 223 to Sunyshore City. pokemon live. Oreburgh Mine is a cave that contains an enormous reserve of coalMiners and their Machop work around the clock to dig through the caveYou must descend to B2F to find Oreburgh Gym Leader Roark. Online Pokemon

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Spikes Ground Status 20 2 foes Damages target as it switches outPower rises with each use, up to 3No effect on Pokemon with Levitate Ability or Flyingtypes. citv games. kids games online. In Hearthome City is another kind of Pokemon competition for you to take onthe Pokemon Super ContestYou will be judged over three rounds Visual, Dance, and ActingFour contestants compete, but only one can win the favor of the judges and crowd. pokemon cynthia. Bellsprout. Three Legendaries. X Spee 350P. Battle with Team Galactic Commander Jupiter. Make your way to Candice by sliding down from the upper levels to the lower levels, breaking apart the ice. pokemon free games. Buy at the Ribbon Syndicate in the Resort Area 999,999P. 308 Medicham Charem 15 Meditite. Swagger Cute Voltage cannot be lowered on that same turn. After getting the National Pokedex, insert Pokemon LeafGreen into your DS's GBA cartridge slot, and talk to the girl on 2F of Pal Park. used pokemon games. monster trucks games. Potion 300 Restores 20HP Oldale, Petalburg and Rustboro PokeMarts. VOLKNER'S PARTY POKEMON. Picture Location Description. Main moves that cause Sleep. Supersonic Normal 55 Confuses opponent Zubat, Magnemitetc. Pokemon Games

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more games. Cave . 172 Pichu Pichu 1 Egg. Cool Ribbon. When you talk to Professor Oak in Eterna City, he'll give you the UpGradeHave Porygon hold the UpGrade and then trade with a good friend who will trade it back to evolve Porygon into Porygon2. 364 Feint Normal Physical Beauty 10 30 100% IV . 417 Nasty Plot Dark Status Cute 20 IV . Canalave Gym Leader. Abilities Swift Swim Storm Drain. Dire Hit Yellow Shard Super Potion. Swift Swim If this Pokemon is active while Rain Dance is in effect, its speed is temporarily doubled. Anorith, Armaldo, Beartic, Buizel, Carracosta, Feebas, Finneon, Floatzel, Goldeen, Golduck, Gorebyss, Horsea, Huntail, Kabuto, Kabutops, Kingdra, Lombre, Lotad, Ludicolo, Lumineon, Luvdisc, Magikarp, Mantine, Mantyke, Omanyte, Omastar, Palpitoad, Poliwag, Poliwhirl, Poliwrath, Psyduck, Qwilfish, Relicanth, Seaking, Seismitoad, Surskit, Tirtouga, Tympole. X Attack. TM47 Steel Wing Steel 70 95% Has a 10% chance to raise the user's Defense by 1 stage. (Safari Zone). Leftovers Shell Bell Bright Powder. Thrash Tough Can use the same move twice in a row. Twinimi Tawnl Record 210 Pokemon sightings. Ability Swift Swim Rock Head. Flyin. Wing Attack Cool Basic performance move. Pokemon MMORPG

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Chatot inhabit Route 218, but only come out in the morning and afternoonFor the many players who play mainly at night, it's a hard Pokemon to catchYou can find the Buizel the boy wants at the Valley Windworks. Dock to Canalave City. Some Abilities are useful for a counterattack when a Pokemon is directly attackedlike Magcargo's Flame Body, which has a 30% chance of burning any Pokemon that attacks Magcargo directlOther Abilities are more useful to their Pokemon, like Altaria's Natural Cure, which heals status conditions when the Pokemon is switched out of battle. pokemon adventures online. pokemon picture. Miracle Eye Psychic Status 40 Normal Hits target regardless of target's EvasionMakes Darktype Poké mon vulnerable to Psychictype attacks. 260 Swampert Laglarge 17 Marshtomp. TM51 Roost Nest Ball . At the start of your dance, click on your castanets, and then hold for a few seconds, clicking again toward the end of the musicDuring a long interval in clicks the other Pokemon's attention may waver, causing them to make mistakes. Rhyperior Link trade Rhydon while it holds Protector. Heart Scale Give to the Move Tutor (Fallarbor Town) to re learn a move Routes 124 and 126, Wild Luvdisc. Pokedex

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HoOh Pokemon FireRedLeafGreen 1. Double Team. Galactic Warehouse. Calculator. Some Pokemon lead to Eggs being found when they hold items. Me First Normal Status 20 Depends Raises the attack power of target's next moveFails if it does not strike first. pokemon cards value. 2 Home shopping. Bronze Card. Impish Sour Dry. Sweet Kiss Cute Voltage cannot be lowered on that same turn. Berry Juice 100 A 100% pure juice made of Berries. It restores the HP of one Pokémon by just 20 points. Wild Shuckle . pokemon gams. Every player can make his or her own secret base in the UndergroundSet out decorative goods to make your pad as rockin', or as adorable, as you like itCollect your goods and arrange them nicely, and you'll have your own totally unique hideaway. Have a Pokemon hold Luck Incense. Have a person teach the move. Blastoise Pokemon FireRedLeafGreen. The higher this number, the less damage the Pokemon receives from physical attacks. relatively superior. Quick Attack Normal Physical 40 100 30 Normal Always strikes first if both sides use this move, the one with the higher Speed goes first. Earth Power. Destiny Bond Smart Heart +15 if all Pokemon choose the same judge. pokemon black and wight. Monsters


Pick them up on the field and in caves. 505 Heal Pulse Psychic Status 10 V . 146 Dizzy Punch Normal Physical Cool 10 70 100% I . There's a mosscovered rock at the western edge of Eterna ForestThis rock is for Eevee EvolutionsLevel up Eevee in Eterna Forest, and it evolves into Leafeon p382. Snow Mail.50P. girl games. Healing Wish Cute Hearts are added equal to the number of the Voltage of your chosen judge. TM16 Icy Wind Ice 55 95% Lowers the target's Speed by 1 stage. (Mahogany Town Gym). Head for Route 212. Before you leave, check the PC on the desk in your rival's room for essential information like The X Button opens the menu! and Record your progress with SAVE. Nugget . Just inside Oreburgh Gate is a man who gives you HM06 Rock SmashThis will let you break through rocks like those in the cave, but you can't use it until you beat the Oreburgh Gym and earn the Coal Badge. Qualot Berry Lowers Defense EV. Tough Ribbon Master. If attacked directly, the user has a 30 percent chance of counterattacking with poison. Relic Copper A copper coin used in a civilization about 3,000 years ago. A maniac will buy it for a high price. kids games. car race game. 190 Aipom Eipam 6 Egg. gay pokemon. Pokemon

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make pokemon. Toxic Poison Status 85 10 Normal Badly poisons targetDamage from being badly poisoned increases with every turn. Moves needed for completion. 172 Flame Wheel Fire Physical Beauty 25 60 100% II . See p244 for info on how to play Capture the Flag . Primary Location Old Chateau. Rhyperior Link trade Rhydon while it holds Protector. Abilities Sticky Hold Storm Drain. Puel Sea A sea located near Sea of Wailord. dragon. Overgrow Grasstype moves become 1.5x stronger when user's HP is below 13 of max Torterra, Sceptiletc. Nugget Sell for money Routes 112 and 120. Team MagmaAqua Base. Water Stone Evolves certain Pokemon Route 213Unearth in the Underground . At the end of Route 203 you'll run into Oreburgh Gate, a cave leading straight to Oreburgh CitCaves are risky places if you have injured Pokemon, so you should head back to a Pokemon Center to patch them up before going in. pokemon mmorpg games. Quagsire . Magnet Bomb Steel Physical 60 20 Normal Always strikes target. Dialga MtCoronet middle Spear Pillar postHallofFame. free online pokemon games. Waterfall Lets you climb up waterfalls. Overheat Beauty Heart +3 if the previous Pokemon's performance achieved a Voltage of 5. Pokemon Forums

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SandAttack Ground Status 100 15 Normal Lowers target's Accuracy by 1. J Girl in house, Pastoria City. A man on 1F of the Pokemon Center will give you one Great Ball a day if your lead Pokemon is fond enough of you when you talk to himTalk to him every day. Turtwig Mask, Chimchar Mask, Piplup Mask only one. friv games 2010. Leppa Berry x1. Snow Warning When this Pokemon enters the battlefield, it causes a permanent Hail that can only be stopped by Air Lock, Cloud Nine or another weather condition. Abomasnow, Snover. Trick Psychic Status 100 10 Normal Swaps items between user and target. Gluttony Makes user use its held berry sooner when it has low HP . 254 Sceptile Jukain 17 Grovyle. 12 Analog Watch. 42 Facade Young man in a residence in the Survival Area . Use the HM Rock Climb to visit the cottage below the Seven Stars RestaurantThere, you can get the Poketch App Coin Toss from a man whose choice of room was actually determined by coin tossUse it when you want to test your luck. Chansey . Needle Arm Grass Physical 60 100 15 Normal 30% chance of makingtarget flinch cannot use moves forthat turn. DoubleSlap Normal Physical 15 85 10 Normal Attacks successively 25 times. 81 Magnemite Coil Egg. Pokemon World

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Secret Potion Use the SecretPotion on the Psyduck. Uniform type weakness. 2 Attack with a move that your enemy is weak against. Agility. Suction Cups Roar and Whirlwind do not affect this Pokemon. Cradily, Lileep, Octillery Field Effect Pokemon hooked by a fishing rod are easier to catch. Mine Badge. Sneasel. mario kart games. akeAcuityg Have Looker open the Galactic Warehouse. After getting the. 64 Kadabra Yungerer Abra. Talk to the person with the green hat near the reception desk to learn about your total record. Aftermath Knocks off 14 of foe's HP if foe's direct attack causes user to faint . Veilstone Building . Max Ether Restores all PP to one move Rock Tunnel, Rocket Hideout, Berry Forest . You need to pick it up. types one DarkandFire and one FireandFightingLucky for you they're all weak to Water and Groundtype moves, so use the powerful HM move Surf andor Earthquake and victory will be yours. 14 Blizzard Lake AcuityVeilstone DeptStore 3F 5500P. Counter Fighting Physical 100 20 Self Counterinflicts twice the damage received from a physical at tack from targetAlways strikes last. 76 Golem Golonya Graveler. Comet Shard A shard which fell to the ground when a comet approached. A maniac will buy it for a high price. Pokemon Maps

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Unown C . Choose Pokemon with high stats. Rack Can order from the beginning 127,000P 19Ï Tea set Can order when you get the guest set 108,000P. Affected Pokemon finds it harder to attack a foe of the opposite gender. Fly Flying Physical 90 95 15 Normal Flies into the air on the first turn, attacks on the second. Unearthed shards can be brought to any of the three Move Tutorsone on Route 212, one in Snowpoint City, and one in the Survival AreaEach one will teach your Pokemon a move corresponding to the particular combination of shards you give himWhen you've got a Pokemon that would be strengthened by learning a move, get cracking on collecting those shards p533. # Bury spheres in the ground to make them grow. You ca n b uy S ea l s f ro m the boy at the upperleft counter in Sunyshore MarketThe selection varies each day of the week. EVlowering Items. Plan ahead. Sometimes held by wild Chinchou, Relicanthtc. Bone Club Ground Physical 65 85 20 Normal 10% chance of making target flinch cannot use moves for that turn. As you're listening to what the elder is telling you in the ruin, the bluehaired man you saw at Lake Verity and MtCoronet appearsIt's Cyrus, the Team Galactic BossAnswer yes to his questions and you're pulled into a battleFight with all your mightor, you could answer no and just write a report. Pokemon Videos

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Forretress Level up Pineco to Lv31. dog game. Work hard to make your Pokemon strong, and they'll be ready for any battle, whether it's casual matches with friends, or the tricky battles of the Battle Frontier. Use Luck Incense to double your winnings. After getting the. Dusk Stone . A vision plan. 2 Get the Effort Ribbon at Sunyshore Market. now pokemon. 23 Valley Windworks. Thank Professor Rowan. Metal Claw Cool Heart +2 if used last in the turn. pokemon crater cheats. Synching with the GBA Pokemon games is critical to completing your PokedexInsert a Pokemon GBA cart into the Nintendo DS's GBA cartridge slot, and you can transfer Pokemon from the GBA cart to Pokemon Platinum by way of Pal Park. steel . Good Rod TM27 Return. Ability Natural Cure. First Visit Mild Poffin. Make your way to Candice by sliding down from the upper levels to the lower levels, breaking apart the ice. Sandgem Town map.png Sandgem Town 25 A sandy town that is located right next to a beach. It is redolent with the salty scent of the sea. Prof. Rowan's lab is the town's landmark. He conducts his studies on Pokémon here. Shell Bell. 196 Icy Wind Ice Special Beauty 15 55 95% II . TM08 Bulk Up Fighting NA NA Raises the user's Attack and Defense by 1 stage each. (Silph Co 7F). Pokemon Gameplay

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downloading games. Blaze. Lightning Rod During double battles, this Pokemon draws any single target Electric type attack to itself. when hit by a Electric type move, this Pokemon does not take damage and its Special Attack increases by one level. If an opponent uses an Electric type attack that affects multiple Pokemon, those targets will be hit. This ability does not affect Electric Hidden Power or Judgment. Blitzle, Cubone, Electrike, Goldeen, Manectric, Marowak, Pichu, Pikachu, Raichu, Rhydon, Rhyhorn, Rhyperior, Seaking, Zapdos, Zebstrika. Covet Cute If the previous Pokemon generated a Voltage of 5, steals its bonus hearts. Bronzong Magnezone Shedinja. free game. Copper Card. christmas games online. TM35 Flamethrower Fire 95 100% Has a 10% chance to burn the target. (Mauville Casino 4000 coins). Pidgeotto Level up Pidgey to Lv18. pokemon white pokedex. Soda Pop Restores 60 HP to a Pokemon Veilstone DeptStore 5F 300P. Hyper Cutter Keeps Attack from being lowered Kingler, Crawdaunttc. Examples of Pokemon with few type weaknesses. moves against Yanmega, Heracross, Vespiquen,. When you want to hatch a Pokemon Egg more quickly, there are some Pokemon Abilities you can usePut a Pokemon with Flame Body or Magma Armor in your party together with the Egg, and it will speed up the time it takes to hatch. Play Pokemon

web games. pics of pokemon. Route 216. Absorb Grass Special 20 100 25 Normal Restores HP equal to half of damage inflicted on target. pokemon white or black. Meditite . Amanina house gives you the Poketch App Analog Watch. south park games. Team Galactic says they've already stolen the Legendary Pokemon AzelfYou enter the cavern in the middle of the lake, only to run straight into the hands of Team Galactic Commander SaturnBring it!. reburgh City p.47 y Twinleaf Town p.34 y. Trade 50 Magost Berries at the Floaroma Flower Shop. Discover Eggs to get Pokemon. Only appears in 4 spots in the big lake in MtCoronet upper B1F. X Defend 550P. 481 Mesprit Emrit 47 . The girl standing in front of the cottage is in quite a pickleshe's lost her Suite KeShe's sure she had it when she went to receptionCheck all around the Hotel Grand Lake, using the Poketch App Dowsing Machine to find the key. 252 Treecko Kimori 20 Egg. Hit your foe with status conditions. Clefairy. normal ¥ flying 1. 179 Mareep Egg. Three Kinds of Glasses. pc gaming. Abilities Guts No Guard. Thank Professor Rowan. Solaceon Town, Pastoria City. Seed Flare Cool Heart +3 if the previous Pokemon's performance achieved a Voltage of 5. Free Pokemon

Pomeg Berry x2 Reaper Cloth. online games for free. Star Piece 9800 A shard of a pretty gem that sparkles in a red color. It can be sold at a high price to shops. The UndergroundWild Staryu. A Wii video game console. Ice Beam. all black and white pokemon. Super Potion700P. Vital Spirit User cannot fall asleep Raises encounter rate with highlevel wild Pokemon. pokemon blue walkthrough. Razor Fang Route 225. 4 Leave and head for Solaceon Town. 130 Skull Bash Normal Physical Tough 15 100 100% I . TM72 Avalanche Ice 60 100% Almost always goes last, even after another Pokemon's Focus Punch. this move's base power doubles if the user is damaged before its turn. (Snowpoint Gym). pokemon nature chart. 15 Types of PokeBalls. Roulette. You can use up to 15 decorative items. free slot games. 56 Fling Young man on Route 222 . freegames. Weepinbell . 100 Voltorb Biriridama Egg. Cyndaquil Pokemon Emerald. Max Repel 700 Repels weaker Pokemon for 250 steps Mossdeep, Sootopolis and Ever Grande PokeMarts. The sun becomes strong Cherrim's form changes. 164 Substitute Normal Status Smart 10 I . matrix games. BlackGlasses. Awakening 250P Heals Sleep. First Visitval Stone. Razz Berry x10. DuskullLv24 I ghost II . Pokemon List

Route 226 Route 228 Route 229 Route 230. fun free games. Seel Water Group 1 or Field Group male + female Dewgong. Machamp Link trade Machoke. 10 Take on Pokemon Super Contests. 555 Snarl Dark Special 15 55 95% V . Full Restore 3000 A medicine that fully restores the HP and heals any status problems of a single Pokémon. Pokemarts & Shops. Honey Gather If it is not already holding an item, this Pokemon may find and be holding Honey after a battle. Combee, Teddiursa. Item Explanation How to get Value. Get the Explorer Kit from the spelunker. 438 Bonsly Usohachi 21 Egg. Shuppet Amorphous Group male + female Banette. pokemon blue download. Plus This Pokemon's Special Attack receives a 50% boost in double battles if its partner has the Minus ability. Ampharos, Flaaffy, Klang, Klink, Klinklang, Mareep, Plusle. Decorate your base. snowboarding games. A Pokemon's name and appearance are recorded upon your meeting it in the wild or in a Trainer BattleIf it's a wild Pokemon, its habitat will be recorded too. pokemon black online. 229 Rapid Spin Normal Physical Cool 40 20 100% II . Cut Cuts down narrow trees to clear the way. Howl Cool Move doubles in value on the next turn. Team Galactic says they've already stolen the Legendary Pokemon AzelfYou enter the cavern in the middle of the lake, only to run straight into the hands of Team Galactic Commander SaturnBring it!. Monsters

4 Calm Mind Trade in Battle Points at the Battle Frontier 48 BP . pokemon global online. Get from the young man on 2F of Jubilife TV in Jubilife City . Numel . TM26 Earthquake Ground 100 100% Power doubles when performed against Pokemon using Dig. (Waward Cave, Battle Park 80BP). Bring the Lunar Wing to Eldritch's house and approach the boThe wing will dispel his nightmare and wake him up, setting things right in the Eldritch household. Judge's Voltage reaches level 5. Thick Club 500 An item to be held by CUBONE or MAROWAK. It is a hard bone of some sort that boosts the Attack stat. Wild Cubone, Marowak Pokewalker Dowsing MCHN. Scary Cave . TM92 Trick Room Psychic NA NA Always goes last. Attacking order is reversed for all active Pokemon for five turns. the slowest Pokemon moves first and vice versa. Note that move order is still determined by the regular priority categories and the effects of Trick Room apply only when Pokemon have chosen moves with the same priority. Using Trick Room a second time reverses this effect. This effect is also ignored by Stall and held items that may affect the turn order. Full Incense, Lagging Tail and Quick Claw. (Abundant Shrine). Green Shard. 406 Dragon Pulse Dragon Special Smart 10 90 100% IV . Pokemon Forum

Bring the editor the Pokemon he requests within the day, and he'll give you a Heart Scale and three of one type of PokeBall. Wor Sola. legendary pokemon list. 575 Gothorita Gothita. 470 Leafeon Leafia 46 Eevee. Power Bracer Gives you more Attack EVs than usual. Spread Honey on any of the Honey Trees that grow in the Sinnoh regionThen check on the tree after about half a day, and a Pokemon will appear, lured out by the scent of the HoneSome trees are more lucky than othersLucky trees are more likely to house a rare and valuable Pokemon like Munchlaxp77. symbols around this map to wherever you likeUse the symbols to mark locations. Hearthome City Pt.png Hearthome City 91 This friendly city started as a place where people and Pokémon gathered, then grew into a center of commerce. If you care about the looks of your Pokémon, head for the Contest Hall. For toughness, go to the Gym. Fantina the gym leader lives here. The entrance to Amity Square is here. The square is a place where Trainers can stroll peacefully with some types of Pokémon. There is a building here that is symbolic of the city's status as a place where different cultures meet. A nice fountain with benches, as well as the Pokémon Fan Club, are among the city's amenities. Forum Pokemon

and challenge GardeniaGardenia's Pokemon are all Grass. pokemon firered rom. Chansey Bellossom. Nanab Berry x10. Hiker Battle Girl Bug Catcher Psychic boy Psychic girl PI. Drifloon. Razz Berry. TM05 Roar Normal NA 100% Almost always goes last. in trainer battles, the target is switched out for a random member of its team. Escapes from wild battles. Has no effect if the target has Suction Cups, Soundproof or used Ingrain. (Route 4, Celadon MegaMart). BlackGlasses Raises the power of Darktype moves when held Talk to a young man in a Celestic Town residence between 10 AM and 8 PM . Smile Ribbon. pokemon girls. Espeon Level up Eevee with high enough Friendship between 4 AM and 8 PM. Pecha Berry Mago Berry. Good Magikarp Barboach O Whiscash A. Story. pokemon generator. Honey x10 . Impish Sour Dry. Manectric Level up Electrike to Lv26. Machamp Link trade Machoke. Rapid Spin Cool Heart +2 if performed first in the turn. Wiki BerryX2. Galactic Warehouse. TM75 Swords Dance Normal NA NA Raises the user's Attack by 2 stages. (Veilstone Game Corner 4,000 coins). multiplayer games online. online game. 126 Fire Blast Fire Special Beauty 5 120 85% I . Cute Contest Cute SmartBeautySheen Sweet. Türkçe Pokemon

44 Route 215 p.85 y. adding games. 266 Follow Me Normal Status Cute 20 100% III . See if the Pokemon has moves that play to its strengths, and what items it holds. Select your Pokemon based on what the staff tells you about your next opponent. Building B1F. A little girl asks you to save her father . The lower a Poffin's smoothness, the less it will fill the sheen meter, meaning you can feed your Pokemon more Poffin. spiderman games. Your bag is where you put all the items you acquire on your journeTo makes things easier to find, the bag has eight pockets into which all items are automatically sorted according to categorylike Items, Key Items, TMs, and Poke Balls. free games. Win the Cute Pokemon Super Contest at Great Rank. TM48 Skill Swap Psychic NA NA The user exchanges abilities with the target. does not work if Wonder Guard is the ability of either the user or the target. (Prize for beating Sabrina). pokemon gba games. Win goods and ribbons with consecutive wins. Wears the Plant Cloak in battles in tall grass and forests, on the water's surface, and on snowy ground. After winning at Oreburgh Gym. Peekaninja. Flareon Lv71 Ui . pokemon names. There's a tree near the entrance to Eterna ForestChop it down with Cut, and you can make an end run around the forest and proceed straight to Eterna CitOnce you can use Cut, this is clearly the way to go. Pokemon Türkçe

BATTLE CA5TLE. Aggron Level up Lairon to Lv42. Get Pokemon tJ through special Evolutions. The higher this number, the greater the damage the Pokemon deals in special attacks. 497 Serperior Jalorda 58 Servine. the new pokemon pokedex. Piloswine Level up Swinub to Lv33. Jolly Sweet Dry . Unown N . TM41 Torment Dark NA 100% Prevents the target from using the same move for two turns in a row until the target is switched out. The target will use Struggle every other turn if it cannot attack without using the same move. (Celadon Department Store P1500. Route 8). 4 Use the Dowsing Machine to find the Suite Key. Croagunk. EnergyPowder 500 A very bitter medicine powder. It restores the HP of one Pokémon by 50 points. Pokemarts & Shops. Total Record BP received. pokemon parody. Makes Watertype moves 1.5 times as powerful when Piplup's HP is below 33 percent. Acuity Lakefront to Snowpoint City. Sunny Day Fire Makes Sunny weather Magby, Cherubitc. woman at Global Terminal 1F. Mamoswine Lickilicky. Torterra Lv51. and challenge GardeniaGardenia's Pokemon are all Grass. Staff hints about your opponents in Single Battle. Recovers 18 the HP that the user inflic. 2nd round Names of the 2 lead Pokemon out of the team of 4. Pokemon Facebook

Follow Jupiter back to town from Lake AcuitThe Galactic grunt in front of the warehouse flees, saying that he doesn't know anything about the warehouse keThat's when Looker shows up with the key, and invites you along to check out the warehouse with him. Use an HM to find more items. TownsCities. download pokemon games. Entering the gate on your way to Route 206, you find Rowan's lab assistant waiting for youIf you have more than 35 Pokemon sighted in your Pokedex, the assistant will reward you with the ExpShare. TM05 Roar Normal NA 100% Almost always goes last. in trainer battles, the target is switched out for a random member of its team. Escapes from wild battles. Has no effect if the target has Suction Cups, Soundproof or used Ingrain. (Route 10). pokemon free rpg. The mysterious man at the lake. Acid BubbleBeam. You'll meet some people on your journey who can teach a move to a PokemonBe sure to learn all kinds of moves this way. Beat all five maidsach within a set turn limit, and you face the young master or mistressShe or he sends out a Blissey that is holding a Rare CandUse Thief to snatch the candy. 646 Kyurem Kyurem 123 . Light Ball Doubles Attack and SpAttack when held by Pikachu Sometimes held by wild Pikachu . MonsterMMORPG Facebook

Mom gives you the Journal Your rival's mom entrusts you with a Parcel for your rival . peppa pig games. Use an HM to find more items. To play with your friends over WiFi, you must first record their Friend Codes in your Pal PadThat way, you only play with people you know and trustup to 32 different players. Wise Glasses 200 An item to be held by a Pokémon. It is a thick pair of glasses that slightly boosts the power of special moves. games online free play. Rod Pokemonnix . mummy games. Rock Head This Pokemon does not receive recoil damage unless it uses Struggle, it misses with Jump Kick or Hi Jump Kick or it is holding Life Orb, Jaboca Berry or Rowap Berry. Aerodactyl, Aggron, Aron, Bagon, Basculin (Blue Striped), Bonsly, Cubone, Geodude, Golem, Graveler, Lairon, Marowak, Onix, Relicanth, Rhydon, Rhyhorn, Shelgon, Steelix, Sudowoodo. 306 Aggron Lairon. Aerial Ace Flying 60 Always hits its target Heracross, Starlytc. Fennel Valley.png Fennel Valley It is a valley located in the Kanto region. Sea Incense Raises the power of Watertype moves when held Route 204 after winning at Pastoria Gym . Odor Sleuth Normal Status 40 Normal Always hits, regardless of target's EvasionMakes Ghosttype Pokemon vulnerable to Normal and Fightingtype moves. Youtube Pokemon

Poison Gas Smart Basic performance move. Cover your weaknesses. pokemon weakness chart. Parasect Level up Paras to Lv24. Platinum Flag. Leaf Stone Evolves certain Pokemon Floaroma Meadow in Floaroma TownUnearth in the Underground . What happens if I use Honey in tall grass. Abilities Sturdy Magnet Pull. Gardevoir Level up Kirlia to Lv30. 79 Slowpoke Yadon Egg. Route 209 Kirlia Appears rarely. Full Heal 600 A spray type medicine. It heals all the status problems of a single Pokémon. Pokemart (once you have five badges), Route 206, 215, Victory Road This item can be found using the Poketch's Dowsing Machine This item can be obtained via Pick Up. Unown V . pokemon free download. Protector . pokemon gijinka. Once you rescue the little girl's father, who was being held at the Valley Windworks, the Galactic grunts at the bridge pull back, clearing passage over the bridgeGo on over and set out for Eterna Forest. Some Pokemon were distributed or given away to players of Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl you can bring these over to Pokemon Platinum by link tradingThere's no other way to acquire them through regular gameplaCheck the official Pokemon website for possible further announcements on how to acquire these Pokemon. Youtube Monster Game

Super Gyarados Whiscash . Skull Fossil 1000 A fossil from a prehistoric Pokémon that lived on the land. It appears to be part of a head. The Underground (Diamond version only). Kind Rank CP used What you can do Level 1 Restore one Pokemon's HP. Safari Zone Gate.png Safari Zone Gate 13 A place where you can experience wild thrills safely. Dragon Scale 2100 A thick and tough scale. Dragon type Pokémon may be holding this item when caught. Wild Kingdra, Dragonair, Horsea, Dragonite, Seadra, Dratini Pokewalker. Catch Horsea on Winner's Path . Defeat Mars, and Team Galactic will retreatbut with the Legendary Pokemon Mesprit in their clutchesThe last lake is Lake AcuitWill the Pokemon there be all right And the professor sent your rival there toowhat happened to him Better head there yourself to find out. TinyMushroom 500 A small and rare mushroom. It is quite popular among certain maniacal fan segments. Wild Parasect, Paras Johto Pokemarts This item can be found using Dowsing MCHN Pokewalker. Catch Pikachu on Yellow Forest Pokewalker Dowsing MCHN. Noisy Forest, Big Forest . Adaptability Type matchup has a greater effect when an attack move has the same type as the user Eevee, PorygonZ. Online Pokemon Game

If your lead Pokemon cannot raise its base points any higher, you get the Effort Ribbon. pokemonwhite. Talk to Eldritch, the sailor at the pierHe asks if you want a ride, and cheerfully ferries you to Iron IslandGo there and build up your Pokemon before taking on the Gym Leader here. TM57 Charge Beam Electric 50 90% Has a 70% chance to raise the user's Special Attack by 1 stage. (Olivine City. Gift from Power Plant Director for returning Machine Part). pokemon Girafarig. pokemon. immediately at the start of battle. 2 Try catching a wild Pokemon. pokemon cheat codes. bakugan online game. Solaceon Ruins 2F. PokeBall. Honey 100 A sweet honey with a lush aroma that attracts wild Pokémon when it is used in grass, caves, or on special trees. Wild Combee. new pc games. Many Pokemon aren't found in the wild to acquire these, you have to level up and evolve other PokemonRefer to page 376 for information on how to raise these Pokemon. Route 221 NidorinoNidorina . Running Shoes. free pokemon videos online. How to Use This Book. 148 Dragonair Hakuryu Dratini. Skorupi. 17 Route 225 P.174 . Go Global at the Global Terminal. multiplayer online games. Route 203. Route 218 is the road that connects Jubilife City and Canalave CitThe body of water at its center is divided by a stretch of landBut the land doesn't go all the way acrossStand on the edge and use HM Surf, and make your way west to the opposite shore, battling Pokemon Trainers as you go. Free Browser Game

643 Reshiram 122 Reshiram 56 . Normalize All of user's moves become Normaltype . 5 Get an Eevee from Bebe. TM21 Frustration . Lucky Egg Makes user receive slightly more Expwhen held Sometimes held by wild Chansey . TM29 Psychic. You ca n b uy S ea l s f ro m the boy at the upperleft counter in Sunyshore MarketThe selection varies each day of the week. Skarmory . 363 Spheal Egg. 3 Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow. Icicle Badge. Labyrinth up to pillar room 3. 42 Golbat Golbat Zubat. naruto games. Talk to the young man and receive the Choice Specs if it's morning, BlackGlasses if it's afternoon, and Wise Glasses if it's evening. disney xd games. 426 Mud Bomb Ground Special Smart 10 65 85% IV . TM43 Secret Power Normal 70 100% This move has a 30% chance to inflict a side effect depending on the battle's current terrain. The target may be put to sleep in any type of grass (or in puddles), its Attack may be lowered by 1 stage while surfing on any body of water, its Speed may be lowered by 1 stage while on marshy terrain, its Accuracy may be lowered by 1 stage on beach sand, desert sand and dirt paths, it may flinch in caves or on rocky outdoor terrain, it may become frozen on snowy terrain and it may become paralyzed everywhere else (including Wi Fi battles). In Pokemon Battle Revolution, the target's Attack may be lowered by 1 stage at Gateway, its Accuracy may be lowered by 1 stage at Sunset, it may be paralyzed at Courtyard, Main Street and Neon, it may be put to sleep at Sunny Park and Waterfall and it may flinch at Crystal, Magma and Stargazer. (Amity Square). Pokemon Fan

free games download for pc. Black Pebble. Wooper . Win the Beauty Pokemon Super Contest at Ultra Rank. Skull Bash Tough Heart +3 if your judge is not taken by other Pokemon. TM53 Energy Ball 64BP. 109 Koffing Dogars Egg. Every Pokemon move has a specific effect in ContestsBefore any Contest, check your Pokemon's move on the status screen to see what kind of performance it's going to give. Rawst Berry Aspear Berry Leppa Berry Wepear Berry Pinap Berry Lum Berry. 8 Mom gives you a TuxedoDress. Pokemon that can Marowak, Sudowoodo, Steelix, use this combo Aggrontc. String Shot Smart Voltage cannot be lowered on that same turn. This fivestory department store has everything, from battle items, TMs, and base decorations, to berries and PoffinsIt's your onestop shop when you want to buy a lot of itemsJust board the elevator and you'll be whisked to exactly what you needIf you're overwhelmed by the selection, just ask the cashier on the righthand side of the counter of each floor what she recommends. Sweet Kiss Normal Status 75 10 Normal Confuses target. Pinap Berry x2 . Super Luck Raises the chance of this Pokemon scoring a Critical Hit. Absol, Honchkrow, Murkrow, Pidove, Togekiss, Togepi, Togetic, Tranquill, Unfezant. Pokemon Blog

47 Steel Wing Route 209 . Aura Sphere. online adventure games. Some items increase EV growth when held during battleFor example, holding the Macho Brace in battle lowers a Pokemon's Speed, but it will gain more EVs than usual. Foresight Normal Status 40 Normal Hits target regardless of target's EvasionMakes Ghosttype Pokemon vulnerable to Normal and Fightingtype moves. Powder Snow Beauty Basic performance move. Camerupt. most fun games. Adamant Spicy Dry . Talk to the receptionist on the upper right of the Contest Hall to get in a practice sessionYou can even practice each round separately to smooth out the rough spots before a real Contest. Recommended path. 264 Focus Punch Fighting Physical Tough 20 150 100% III . After you get the National Pokedex, you can insert a GBA Pokemon cart into the Nintendo DS's GBA cartridge slot to introduce lots of Pokemon to Pokemon Platinum that didn't appear beforeCatch them all and complete your National Pokedex. 505 Watchog 64 Miruhog 56 Patrat. TM02 Dragon Claw. Spark Cool Basic performance move. Tinymushroom Sell for money Petalburg Woods. Black Sludge . Power Weight 3000 A Pokémon held item that promotes HP gain on leveling, but reduces the Speed stat. Monster Game

4 A Pokemon town trade. Unown S . A sailor is standing near the town entranceHe tells you that he wants to give really strong Pokemon Trainers a ride on his boatThat doesn't include you yetBut come back after you've been enshrined in the Pokemon League Hall of Fame, and heferry you to a new world of adventure. world game. Route 201 Doduo. Drapion LvS3. Heal Powder 450 Cures all status ailments. Has a bitter taste Lavaridge Herb Shop. When you win a Contest, you also win an exclusive ribbon and Accessory according to the division and rank you wonHow many will you add to your collection. Cave . Antidote 100 A spray type medicine. It lifts the effect of poison from one Pokémon. Pokemarts & Shops. pokemon black online game. TM86 Grass Knot Grass Var BP 100% Base power increases as the target's weight increases. (Eterna Gym). Dragon Rage Cool Basic performance move. Claw Fossil 1000 A fossil of an ancient Pokémon that lived in the sea. It appears to be part of a claw. The Underground. 2 Buy Moomoo Milk at the Café Cabin. Garchomp Level up Gabite to Lv48. Fresh Water Recovers 50HP Celadon MegaMart Roof, Island Two . Rage Normal Physical 20 100 20 Normal Attack power rises as user takes hits from the target. MonsterMMORPG Twitter

pokémon apokélypse. Stardust Sell for money Route 111. Body Slam Tough Basic performance move. Make a stamp of your party Pokemon's feet on the boardUp to 8 people can join in. TM61 Will O Wisp Fire NA 75% Burns the target. This move activates Flash Fire. (Battle Frontier prize 32BP). PokeBall 200P Item for catching wild Pokemon. Pokemon have a bond of trust with their Trainer called FriendshipMake a Pokemon happy and it will increase its Friendship with youTreat it poorly and it will decrease its Friendship. TM18 Rain Dance Water NA NA Cancels all other weather moves. For 5 turns. the power of Water attacks is increased by 50%, the power of Fire attacks is decreased by 50%, Thunder becomes 100% accurate, the power of Solarbeam is halved, and the healing power of Morning Sun, Synthesis and Moonlight is halved. (Slowpoke's Well). Aipom. 52 Ember Fire Special Beauty 25 40 100% I . Name Cost Effect Location. 39 Jigglypuff Purin Igglybuff. TM35 Flamethrower Fire 95 100% Has a 10% chance to burn the target. (Mauville Casino 4000 coins). The ExpShare is a supremely useful item that gives its holder a cut of the Expfrom a battleven if the Pokemon did not participateGive it to a Pokemon that's too lowlevel to safely participate in battlesIt's a stressfree way to raise your Pokemon. Twitter Pokemon

Sometimes a move will score a critical hit, dealing twice the regular amount of damage. pokemon fleece fabric. Sludge Poison Special 65 100 20 Normal 30% chance of poisoning target. Location. Sand Tomb Ground Physical 15 70 15 Normal Inflicts damage over 25 turnsTarget cannot escape during that time. Hyper Voice Cool Basic performance move. Celadon University Celadon University is located in Celadon City and has been mentioned numerous times in the anime. Suite Key A key to a hotel suite at Valor Lakefront Use the Dowsing Machine to find on Route 213 . Agility Cool User goes first on the next turn. 269 Dustox Cascoon. pokemon firered. shockwave games. Calcium. Forretress Level up Pineco to Lv31. 347 Anorith EggClaw Fossil. Bonemerang Ground Physical 50 90 10 Normal Attacks twice in a row in one turn. Route 223 to Victory Road. board games. Thanks to the Nintendo DS's wireless link techNoogy and WiFi capability, your friends, your family, and other Pokemon fans from coast to coast are the bedrock of your Pokemon trading circleBut you can also trade with characters in the gameHelp grant the characterswishes, and you'll get some Pokemon trading practice as well. Reversal Fighting Physical 100 15 Normal Inflicts more damage on target the lower user's HP is. Pokemon

Wigglytuff Use Moon Stone on Jigglypuff . Piplup Receive from Professor Rowan on Route 201. Faint Attack Dark Physical 60 20 Normal Always strikes target. Route 210 Route 215. 3 Climb the Lost Tower. 2 player games. 41 Solaceon Ruins P.81 y. Ether 1200 It restores the PP of a Pokémon's selected move by a maximum of 10 points. 1 A grunt is guarding the Galactic Warehouse. Smart Contest. Fight using Fire and Flyingtype moves. dog games online. poptropica game. TM21 Frustration Normal Var BP 100% Power increases as user's happiness decreases. maximum 102 BP. (Galactic HQ, Veilstone Game Corner 8,000 coins). Rock Surf Strength Smash. free fun games. TM71 Stone Edge 80BP. Green Shard Trade for the Leaf Stone with the Treasure Hunter (Route 124) Route 126 underwater entrance from Route 124. Route 205 Floaroma Town side Hoppip . pokemon tcg online. cooking mama games. 316 Gulpin Gokulin 17 Egg. These moves can be useful when you're low on HP after a foe's attackThey can do many things, from recovering HP to healing your Pokemon's statusSome moves can even recover your Pokemon's HP while damaging the opponent, or recover a little bit of your Pokemon's HP each turn. Pink Scarf 100 An item to be held by a Pokémon. It boosts the "Cute" aspect of the holder in a Contest in Sinnoh. Pokemon DeviantArt

Route 223. Pecha Berry Mago Berry. Ability Sand Veil. Get the Scope Lens. Glare Normal Status 75 30 Normal paralyzes target. Rest Cute Hearts are added equal to the number of the Voltage of your chosen judge. 4 Meet PC admin Bebe. Cosmic Power Cool Move doubles in value on the next turn. ict games. 5 Look for the Cycle Shop manager. 207 Swagger Normal Status Cute 15 90% II . download free games. Repeat Ball . pokemon mewtwo returns. The path inside Eterna Gym is barricaded by water. Team up with your rival for a Tag Battle against Team Galactic Commanders Mars and Jupiter. Brick Break Fighting Physical 75 100 15 Normal Not subject to the effects of ReflectBreaks through Reflect and Light Screen. TM16 Light Screen Psychic NA NA All Pokemon in the user's party receive 12 damage from Special attacks for 5 turns. Light Screen will be removed from the user's field if an opponent's Pokemon uses Brick Break. In double battles, both Pokemon are shielded, but damage protection is reduced from 12 to 13. (4th floor Mega Mart in Lilycove City Y3000). Pomeg Berry x2 Reaper Cloth. monopoly game. Chilan Berry Level 3 5CP. 118 Goldeen Tosakinto Egg. Your bag is where you put all the items you acquire on your journeTo makes things easier to find, the bag has eight pockets into which all items are automatically sorted according to categorylike Items, Key Items, TMs, and Poke Balls. Pokemon Blog

Take out the tough types first